Coat of Arms

The coat of arms is a tradition with origins in the Middle Ages. It was used as a form of identification and a visual means to understand relationships between people, whether on the field of battle or in the historical record. Although the coat of arms has been widely replaced with a range of other symbols, some organizations still use one to declare who they are and what they stand for. Idaho Novus Classical Academy proudly displays a coat of arms as part of our logo. It is important to know that this is not just an ornamental design, but a representation of the soul of our academy and all that it stands for. The Novus Coat of Arms is best understood as a visual reflection of our mission and vision. Our mission describes the work that we perform each day, while our vision outlines the objectives we are seeking to accomplish through those efforts.

The mission of Idaho Novus Classical Academy is to train the minds and improve the hearts of students through a classical, content-rich curriculum that emphasizes virtuous living, traditional
learning, and civic responsibility.

The vision of Idaho Novus Classical Academy is to form future citizens who uphold the ideals of our country’s founding and promote the continuation of our American experiment – through a classical, great books curriculum designed to engage the student in the highest matters and the deepest questions of truth, justice, virtue, and beauty.

These ideas are captured within the seven elements of the Novus Coat of Arms.

Explore the meaning behind the seven elements of the Novus Coat of Arms:

The Shield

The shield represents our commitment to defend the American experiment with liberty and self-government. As our founding fathers understood, a nation that is predicated on citizens making decisions as part of civic life depends upon those same citizens for its continued existence. Citizens of a free republic must possess not only deep knowledge and a virtuous character, but the inclination to preserve the system of government that they have inherited. Our work in defense of the American experiment is about preparing young Americans for the responsibilities of citizenship.

The Torch

The pursuit of truth is represented by the torch, which provides light to guide the way through darkness, or the challenges that students will inevitably face throughout their lives. Although discerning truth can sometimes be an arduous process, we believe that a broad education in the liberal arts and sciences, rooted in the Western and American traditions, is the optimal starting point.

The Tome

The tome symbolizes the knowledge to be gained through an American classical education, which is rooted in the liberal arts and sciences. The groundwork for language mastery is laid early through explicit and systematic phonics instruction. Our teachers draw from the best curriculum available to lead students through an expansive education that includes mathematics, science, history, literature, grammar, composition, the arts, philosophy, physical education, and modern and ancient foreign languages. The vast knowledge gained by a classically educated student contributes directly to constructive citizenship, which requires broad understanding.

The Six Rays

The six rays stand for the six essential virtues that we teach every day, in every subject, across all grade levels. These are courage, courtesy, honesty, perseverance, self-government, and service. We believe that these virtues are a recipe for good citizenship and a life well lived. Each day begins with school leaders teaching our school virtues to students through reading and discussion of classical stories. Teachers continue those lessons throughout the day, year after year, creating opportunities for students to discuss, consider, and reflect on the attributes of good character and moral virtue.

The Mountains

The mountains are a depiction of Idaho, where Idaho Novus Classical Academy and its sister schools pursue their mission. Although Novus is only one school, there are others in Idaho and beyond laboring for the same purpose. We hope that together, we can restore a classical American public education and secure the opportunity for future generations to flourish as citizens of our free republic.

The Roman numerals

The Roman numerals indicate when our efforts will begin in earnest. Idaho Novus Classical Academy is scheduled to commence our work with students in August 2024, and our inaugural enrollment lottery application is already open.

The Two Gold Layers

Most importantly, the two gold layers wrap around the entire coat of arms to denote our commitment to a true partnership between families and the school. We believe that parents are the child’s first and primary teacher. Our role is to be the best partner that they could hope for as they work to raise citizens of knowledge and virtue. A true partnership requires much from both parties, but it all starts with an agreement to work together toward a common goal. Idaho Novus Classical Academy stands ready to build this foundation with the families who select us.