Classical Education

Idaho Novus Classical Academy is born under the Barney charter school initiative to promote excellence in education in the liberal arts and sciences. By educating students in the principles of moral character and civic virtue, the founding principles of our country, we serve to pursue and promote the quest for truth, betterment, and self-governance. Classical education is formed around analytics of language and logic derived from a deep understanding of history, literature, science, art and music. The culmination of such is the goal of knitting the fabric of a mindfully rich and gratuitous society from which we can all flourish.


The mission of Idaho Novus Classical Academy is to improve the hearts and train the minds of students through a classical, content rich curriculum that emphasizes virtuous living, traditional learning, and civic responsibility.


The vision of Idaho Novus Classical Academy is to engage students in the foundations of virtuous citizenry, creating a deep knowledge of truth and goodness in order to become self-governing and productive members of their communities.


“Education, in the broadest sense, is each generation’s legacy to the next. How well the next generation is prepared to carry on after us determines the fate of the nation, and of the civilization it represents, far more than the officials and events that command headlines of the day. Formal schooling is only part of that education, but for most people it is the fundamental part. How well the meaning and logic of words and numbers are mastered determines how wide the doors of the mind are open to the world of knowledge and ideas from the world and across the centuries. It is not simply what education teaches us directly, but how well it prepares us to learn ourselves that is the ultimate measure of its value.” Thomas Sowell, Education: Assumptions Versus History